Millership Cup
                                                          MILLERSHIP CUP 2014 - 2015

Please email the result of your match and all the players names to Robin as soon as

possible after your match in order that this table is kept up-to-date.  Thank-you.


1st Round Final Winner
Play by Play by  
T Young    
v T Young  
T O'Gallagher    
  v T Young
H Hall    
v H Hall  
M Warnock    

MILLERSHIP CUP 2011/12        
1st Round Quarter Finals Semi-Final Final Winner
Play by 30 Dec Play by 13 February Play by 03 April    
D Lindsay        
v D Lindsay      
T O'Gallagher        
  v T Young    
M McIlroy        
v T Young      
T Young        
    v T Young  
P McGill        
v P McGill      
R Young        
    C Carson    
J Spiers        
v C Carson      
C Carson        
        T Young
K McAllister        
v K McAllister      
T McKeever        
    K McAlister    
P Murdock        
v P Murdock      
M Warnock        
    v K McAlister  
E McNicholl        
v E McNicholl      
A Burns .      
  v E McNicholl    
S Cairns        
v S Cairns      
C Jones        


1.       Eligibility

2.       Method of Scoring

3.       Number of Boards

4.       Breaking of Ties

5.       Composition of Teams

6.       Choice of Dates

7.       Notification of Result