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Constitution 2016 updated 2017


5th June 2016 AGM in La Mon 7.00pm


Agenda  Minutes of AGM 21st June 2015 Treasurer's report Proposed Constitution Summary of Constitution

30th April 2016 Agenda  Minutes 5th April 2016 Agenda  Minutes

Minutes 3rd Feb Mgt Committee Minutes Selection Comm Minutes Tourn Comm Minutes

Alan Hill TD Course Report Selection Comm Manual AGM 2015 Minutes Draft Constitution

3rd February 2016 Agenda    Papers Celtic Pairs Correspondence Council Minutes 28th Oct NIBU Results Website
Junior Membership form NIBU Safeguarding Appendix NIBU Safeguarding Policy Draft Minutes

28th October 2015 Agenda   Minutes 2nd September 2015 Agenda    Minutes 5th August 2015 Minutes

24th June 2015 Agenda   Minutes

AGM 21st June 2015 Minutes Agenda  Minutes 2014   Proposed Changes to Text of Constitution  Annual Report 2014-15 Accounts 2014-15

13th May 2015  Agenda  Minutes League Rules Cup Rules Changes to Cup Rules NIBU Officers Dress Code Disability Issues

4th February 2015 Agenda  Minutes  3rd December 2014 Agenda  Minutes  Disciplinary and Appeals   Procedures Code of Conduct

August-September 2014  Notes of Emergency Meetings  Notes of Management Committee Minutes 17 September

12th June 2014 Agenda  Minutes  Conflict of Interest Policy

AGM 4th June 2014

Agenda  Minutes 2013  Call to EGM  Proposed Constitution  Explanatory Note  Nominee Form

Master Points Report     Master Points Sub Committee   Outgoing Chairperson's Report

Secretary's Report    Treasurer's Report   Competition Secretary's Report  Annual Accounts


24th April 2014 Agenda  Minutes

Consultation Papers - April 2014

Constitution for Consultation  Explanatory Notes  Existing Structure  Proposed Structure

20th March 2014 Agenda  Minutes 29th January 2014 Agenda  Minutes  Commonwealth Games Paper

29th October 2013 Agenda  Minutes 14th September 2013 Minutes

12th June 2013 Agenda  Minutes

Minutes of 27th April   Council Proposal   WBF VP Scale   Amended Constitution   Standing Orders

AGM 5th June 2013
Agenda  Minutes

President  Chairperson  Honorary Secretary   Honorary Competitions Secretary  Honorary Masterpoints Secretary  Chairman of Selection Committee

27th April 2013 Agenda  Minutes 3rd April 2013 Agenda   Minutes 3rd December 2012 Agenda  Minutes

11th June 2012 Agenda  Minutes


Finance and Membership Committee

24th October 2013 Minutes 18th July 2013 Agenda  Minutes 13th December 2012 Agenda   Minutes

13th August 2012 Agenda   Minutes


Selection Committee

3rd February 2016 Minutes; 26th October 2015 Minutes; 9th September 2015 Minutes; 12th August 2015 Minutes; 8th July 2015 Minutes;

4th May 2015 Minutes; 23rd March 2015 Minutes; 18th February 2015 Minutes
14th January 2015 Minutes 10th December 2014 Minutes 12th October 2014 Minutes 4th August 2014 Minutes
30th June 2014 Minutes

26th June 2013 Minutes 24th January 2013 Minutes 30th August 2012 Agenda   Minutes


Laws and Ethics Committee

23rd July 2014 Minutes 9th July 2014 Minutes 7th August 2013 Agenda  Minutes
26th July 2012
Agenda  Minutes


Management Committee

Management Committee - Terms of Reference


3 July 2014   3 Sept 2014  19 Nov 2014  5 February 2015 18 May 2015 2 September 2015 25 Nov 2015 9 March 2016

25 Aug 2016


Tournament Committee

9 June 2016 24 March 2016 2 December 2015 July 2015

Agenda Aug12   Minutes Aug12



Minutes Nov 2012     Minutes April 2013

Youth Development Committee

23 March 2016 18 Nov 2015 Minutes 12 May 2015  Minutes 17 March 2015 

Report Feb 2015 Minutes 6 Jan 2015 Minutes 17 Sept 2014   Minutes 28 August 2014

Minutes 21 July 2014 Minutes 13 May 2014 Minutes 1 May 2014