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Constitution Amended 2017 Archived Committee Papers can be found here

Agendas, minutes and papers.

Draft Minutes for 21 August 2019 Council Meeting
Agenda for 6 Nov 2019 Council Meeting
Council Meeting 25 September 2019

Draft Minutes for 21 August 2019 Council Meeting
Minutes for 19 June 2019 Council Meeting
League Rules Agreed at 21st August 2019 Council Meeting
Alternative League format proposal from J Ferguson

Papers for 21st August 2019 Council Meeting
Agenda 07/8/19 Draft Minutes 19/06/19
Agenda 19/6/19 Draft League Rules 2019 Proposal for NIBU Website
Draft Minutes 8/5/19
Appeal hearing Draft minutes 26/3/19 Antalya Report Meeting 26/3 Agenda League Rules 2017-18
Laws and Ethics draft standing orders Laws and Ethics Minutes 15/2 Selection Committee Minutes 11/1
Selection Committee Minutes 15/2 Youth bridge emails Youth Bridge Feb 2019 Youth Committee Minutes 8/3
Supplementary papers for meeting 26/3 Keep Bridge Alive Leaflet Keep Bridge Alive Poster Keep Bridge Alive Document Keep Bridge Alive Letter to NBOs Keep Bridge Alive Donation form

Minutes 11th Dec Agenda meeting 11th Dec EBL letter to NBOs Correspondence EBL suspension letter 101018 EBL Suspension letter 311018 EBL suspension letter FIGB PD minutes Minutes 12th Sep. Minutes 3rd June Agenda for 12th September papers 1 papers 2 papers 3 papers 4 papers 5 papers 6 papers 7 papers 8 papers 9 papers 10 papers 11 papers 12

Members for the 2018/19 season are:-
Anne Hassan Ex-Officio, Nuala Mooney Quoile, Christine Crockett Maghera, Pat Johnston Derryvolgie, Helen Hall Belfast Boat Club, Norma Irwin Kelvin & Malone, Heather Hill Kelvin & Malone, Ken Hammond Spa, Eric Lesage Kelvin & Malone, Tom McKeever Coleraine, John Ferguson Quoile, Norman Lacey St. Josephs.

3rd June 2018 AGM in La Mon 2.30pm
Agenda AGM draft minutes 2018 click for the AGM Reports
or, to see them separately:-
Secretary's Report Treasurer's Report Competition Secretary's Report Master Points Report Youth Development
Regradings Promotions Selection Committee Laws and Ethics Report TD sessions Competition winners
EGM Notice

Agendas and Minutes of Council 3rd June Draft minutes 9th May Agenda Minutes 15th March  Agenda Draft minutes papers 10th January 2018 Agenda  Minutes  8th November minutes 13th September Agenda minutes 28th June minutes
28th June AGM agenda AGM draft minutes 2017 AGM Report Booklet AGM Agenda 2016 AGM Minutes EGM notice
11th May minutes Agenda Selection Committee draft manual Coaching Report March 2017 (other papers in SC section and L&E section)
6th Feb specal meeting minutes 1st Feb 2017 Agenda minutes 23rd November 2016 Agenda minutes
28th September 2016 Agenda  Minutes 
23rd June 2016 Agenda  Minutes  L&E Minutes  L&E Report

5th June 2016 AGM in La Mon 7.00pm
Agenda Minutes Minutes of AGM 21st June 2015 Treasurer's report Proposed Constitution Summary of Constitution

Council is the Governing Body of the Union, membership consists of the Officers of the Union and twelve delegates from clubs elected at each AGM

Council delegates the day-to-day running of the Union to sub-committees:

Policies and Procedures

NIBU Manual    NIBU Officers Duties   Disability Policy Conflict of Interest Policy