Finance & Membership Committee Page

Finance and Membership Committee consists of The President, The Chairman, The Treasurer and up to 4 members elected by the Council

Current delegates are:

Michael McFaul
Rex Anderson
Greer Mackenzie
Anne Hassan


Terms of Reference

1          The Treasurer shall record and be responsible for the safekeeping of all the Union’s assets and shall inter alia:


1.1       keep books and accounts showing the financial affairs of the Union

1.2       receive funds from and to examine the accounts of, amongst others, Tournament Directors, the Congress Organiser, the International Match Manager and any other person receiving moneys on behalf of the Union

1.3       receive all monies payable to the Union

1.4       make all payments on behalf of the Union

1.5       submit to each Annual General Meeting duly certified accounts and balance sheet for the preceding year

1.6       consult the Council if there are extraordinary items submitted for payment

1.7       prepare a budget for consideration by the Council


2          The Committee shall meet at least once per year and shall


2.1       receive an estimate of income and expenditure for the year

2.2       monitor all items of expenditure of the Union

2.3       make recommendations to the Council on financial matters

2.4       deal with other financial matters of the Union


3          The Committee shall:


            3.1       receive lists of members and subscriptions from affiliated clubs

            3.2       pass subscriptions to the Treasurer

            3.3       keep a record of all members of the Union


4          The Committee shall


4.1  actively pursue obtaining sponsorship for the Union and events organised by the Union

4.2  investigate the acquisition of premises by the Union

4.3  provide such business plan as the Committee considers appropriate for the continuance of the Union