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Terms of Reference

1          The Competitions Secretary shall take all measures necessary to ensure the smooth running of all competitions (except Congresses and International Matches) and shall inter alia:


1.1       liase with the Secretary in March of each year to form the fixture list for the coming year

1.2       book accommodation as early as possible with written confirmation from the venue and to inform the Secretary of the details by the end of May at the latest confirm all booking with the venue at least six weeks in advance

1.4       receive entries for all competitions

1.5       organise Tournament Directors for all competitions well in advance

1.6       ensure that all equipment necessary for running the competition, including tables, boards, bidding boxes, stationary, computer, movements and rule books are available for the Tournament Director at the venue

            The Tournament Director is responsible for collecting entry fees and paying the balance to the Treasurer together with a written account of the financial transactions and for supplying a full copy of the results, typed or printed, and all score sheets to the Competitions Secretary

1.7       supply a full copy of the results to the Secretary, Treasurer and Master-Points Secretary

1.8       encourage people to play and prepare publicity and circulars for the events

1.9       take all entries, including fees, for all leagues and cups and to ensure that they are kept up to date and running smoothly

1.10     supply the Master-Points Secretary with a full list of results for the Knock Out Cup matches and League matches which include the names of all players in the winning team for each match

1.11     settle all disputes, crises etc. within the rules laid down by the Council

1.12     arrange publication of the results of all competitions on the Union website

1.13     keep a record of the winners of all cups and trophies and ensure that cups and trophies are returned in good time for presentation at the event


2          The Master Points Secretary shall administer all matters concerned with Master Points and gradings and shall


2.1       calculate master point awards for all NIBU competitions.


2.2       record master point awards from all sources (NIBU competitions, Simultaneous Pairs, Club competitions and other Bridge Unions, etc.)


2.3       maintain up to date records of NIBU members.


2.4       update and maintain the master point database presence on the NIBU website on a weekly basis


2.5       circulate to Clubs in September, a list of their registered members, rankings and grades


2.6       recommend players for up-grading.


2.7       at the end of the season (AGM) finalise the current year database and prepare for the incoming year.


2.8       prepare Promotions List and Re-gradings List each year.


2.9       work out Player of the Year and Billy Kelso Trophy awards.


2.10     administer all other matters concerned with Master-points and gradings.



3          The International Match Manager shall administer all matters concerned with Home International Matches (including the N.I.B.U. / C.B.A.I. match when hosted by the Union) and shall inter alia:


3.1       book the venue well in advance and obtain confirmation thereof in writing

3.2       act as convenor of the International Match Sub-Committee and call a meeting prior to each Home match

3.3       arrange for all equipment and personnel necessary for the smooth running of all matches

3.4       arrange printing of brochures and tickets for the event

3.5       arrange for the reception of visiting teams at the airport (if necessary) and all aspects of their accommodation, including reserving tables for dinner and arranging drinks reception

3.6       prepare a welcome letter and arrange for its duplication and distribution

3.7       run the match

3.8       arrange the after match banquet and act as Master of Ceremonies at the banquet

3.9       present to the Treasure a full account of the financial transactions

3.10     prepare a report for the Council



4          The Congress Organiser shall organise the spring and autumn congresses and such other congresses as the Union may establish in accordance with the protocol approved by the Council


5          The Tournament Committee shall establish a Youth Committee to promote bridge in schools, colleges and universities

The Youth Committee shall


5.1       Organise and promote an inter school bridge league and such other inter- school bridge competitions as the Youth Committee considers appropriate

5.2       Organise and promote such inter college and university competitions as the Youth Committee considers appropriate

5.3       Post on the Union website the result of each school, college or university competition organised or promoted by the Union within 14 days of the date thereof

5.4       Make recommendations to Council for the promotion and encouragement of bridge in schools, colleges and universities